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Advice and support in medicine


If you are a medical student, a recently graduated doctor, or if you are already working as a specialist in your home country and want to emigrate to Germany, MedMaster Assist GmbH is ideal for you.

Looking for new opportunities as a professional in a foreign country, with a different language could be difficult. We know the difficulties that our doctors experience when migrating. However, we are here to help you through this process. More than a company, we want to be your helping hand in Germany.


We not only advise you, but we help you in the whole process from the moment you decide to migrate until you get your homologation (Approbation) and find your medical residency.


Besides the professional part, we also help you in your daily life in Germany, e.g. we pick you up from the airport, help you with appointments at the immigration office, etc.

This is not a product, it is a life decision and we want to support you to realize your dream.

Find out all the requirements and documents needed to come to Germany.

To give you an idea of some of the services included in our process, please see the following list with some of our services:


Medicine services

1. Before you start your process, we will provide you with a cost quotation for your live project in Germany. It is important that you are aware of all the costs that will affect your life transition. The most important thing for us is transparency throughout the process.


2. In the process of homologation of your university degree, we will advise you on the required processes.

3. We will advise you on all the administrative procedures to obtain your visa.

4.We will help you to find your ideal apartment in Germany according to the normal market conditions and budget.

5. From the beginning, you will learn German in a certified institute that will train you in the professional language for doctors.

6. We will advise you on the choice of your specialty according to your preferences, without any additional costs afterward.


7. The translations of your documents will be made by official German translators specialized in medical terminology.


8. Constant assistance: we are always at your disposal for any assistance.


9.For your work permit in Germany, we will advise you on all necessary procedures.

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