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Frequently asked Questions

Who can get advice from MedMaster Assist Gmbh?

All doctors, dentists, nurses, and others, who would like to emigrate to Germany. We analyze each case to offer you the ideal personalized advice for your life project.

What level of German do I need as a doctor/dentist to get into a medical residency?  

Med&Master Assist recommends taking German courses up to level C1 and attending a German course for doctors and/or dentists. Even though the medical association still accepts the B2 certificate, the professional language exam (FSP) that has to be taken at the medical association is equivalent to a C1 level.

How do I pay for the services of MedMaster Assist Gmbh?

Our services are paid directly via bank transfer or PayPal.  For more information, please contact us.

I know that there are companies that have alliances with hospitals to bring doctors. Does MedMaster have them?

Our specialty is to accompany doctors, not hospitals, so we will send your application for the purpose of job placement in different hospitals so you can choose the best option.

Can I take the medical knowledge test (KP) from my home country or outside Germany?

No, generlally it must be done in person at the selected Medical College in Germany.

Can I take the Medical Knowledge Examination (KP) in any city in Germany?

The exam is taken at the location where the admission procedure was initiated.

Depending on the location in Germany, it may be easier or more difficult to pass the knowledge exam?

That is correct, since each city/state has a different Medical College, each city/state has a different knowledge exam, so the complexity can vary from state to state.

If I want to take the exam in Hannover, but then work as a doctor in Berlin, can I do that, i.e. can I work anywhere in Germany after my degree gets approved ?

That's right. Once you have been approved for your degree, all you have to do is register with the respective Medical College.

What exams do I need to pass to get my degree approved?

You need to pass two exams: the German technical knowledge test (FSP) and medical knowledge test (KP). Unless you are a person from the European Economic Community and have a degree, you only need the FSP exam.

What possibilities do I have to homologate my degree apart from the medical knowledge exam?

In this case, you would have two possibilities: 1. by comparing the academic curriculum and 2. By taking the medical knowledge exam.

If the university from which you come from has an academic curriculum that meets the requirements of Germany, you may not have to do the medical knowledge exam.

How long takes me to complete the whole process?

It depends on the speed at which you learn the language.

Where do I take the German technical knowledge test (FSP)?

At the Medical College

Where can I take the Medical knowledge test?

At the Medical College of your choice for the homologation procedure.

If I already did my residency in my home country, do I have to do my residency in Germany again?     

First of all, you must have your medical degree recognized, and then you must complete the medical residency to obtain the title of specialist.

However, there is a possibility that some of the years of your residency may be recognized.

Does MedMaster help me with translations?

Yes, it is part of our services.

Do I need to purchase health insurance?

Yes, you have to. MedMaster will help you in the process of purchasing them.

To apply for the visa, do I need to have money saved to prove my income?

You will need a blocked account or a financial commitment from a resident of Germany.

How much do I need for the whole process?

MedMaster will help you create a customized budget that meets your needs.

What is the FSP?

The Fachsprachprüfung is a medical language exam that is taken at the Medical College.

What is the KP?
The knowledge exam is a medical knowledge exam that is taken at the Medical College.

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