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Multidisciplinary team

Equipment and partners

MedMaster Assist GmbH has been working since 2015 to build personal, family, and professional dreams for healthcare workers.



We have an international multidisciplinary team specialized in all strategic areas required to make your dream of a new life in Germany come true.

We want to help you develop your full potential in this European country, which has one of the best healthcare systems in the world.


With MedMaster Assist GmbH you will have all the support and advice you need to learn the language easily through our partner institutes, as well as the peace of mind that we will accompany you in all the administrative processes from the moment you decide to emigrate to Germany, until the moment you get your professional degree approved or start your working life.


We specialize, among other things, in translations, resumes, and letters to authorities.

We are known for being by your side during the whole process.


Among our allies are specialist doctors based in Germany, companies that represent us in different countries and that can provide you with personalized support before arriving in Germany.


You will also have access to a certified language institute specialized in the health area located in Hannover, the city where the purest German is spoken.


We have a team of financial advisors, who will give you the best options for the purpose of hiring banks and insurers specialized in health personnel.

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