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Getting up every day and thinking about improving not only their own quality of life, but also that of others, is something that health professionals always have in their life plan, day after day, minute after minute. Preparing yourself, studying, having the skills required to face situations in this changing world and dedicating time to your work patient after patient, is not an easy task when you have long days in a hospital, however when you see that in your life there is a balance by making an important life decision, you can look out your window and feel an air of tranquility with yourself and with those you love.

These are a series of Medical Stories that we want to share with you, they are a series of alternatives that we want to show to open windows of success and achievements for you to decide when to open them and receive that breath of air that radiates tranquility to your life. We will see episodes and capsules of real people, who will share with us how has been their process of dreaming and realizing something that is transforming or transformed their lives just by making the decision and committing to each of the challenges to turn them into victories focused on a single goal, to fulfill a dream of personal fulfillment.




Living in Germany is a dream come true, not only because of its job stability but also because of everything it offers you in terms of culture and the possibility of development. You start your day very early, but I want to stop for a moment to tell you how it all started.

- My name is Ana Isabella, I am from Colombia and I am currently 35 years old, I have been in Germany for 3 years, I live with my two children, my pet and my partner. I am going back a few years, when I was just finishing my university. I was with Carlos, my best friend, who told me that he had read an article about the life of a doctor in Germany and that he had searched the internet for a way to start his journey. He told me about different important things about Germany, its language, its culture, its arts, how organized they were in their health system, transportation, food, in short, things with which I had been amazed, however, the idea of leaving was very distant, there were my parents whom I love, my pet "Freckles", my boyfriend, my friends and just imagining not being near them made me dread the idea of leaving. We continued our semester and Carlos always greeted me with a Guten morgen! We laughed, but Carlos was very clear that this was his goal. I saw him going over the language again and again, he did not stop studying, in fact, I remember so much that in his Neuro notebook he put a little German flag and marked it in German. One day, I met him on the stairs of the faculty and I asked him how the process was going and with a crestfallen expression and little encouragement he told me that he had not passed a language test and that he did not know how to start the process to process the papers that were requested at the embassy, we immediately went to the internet but the process was very complicated, German words that we did not understand, dates that we did not understand either, forms, money to deposit, a complete chaos, however that day in the afternoon we went to clear our heads, we went to drink a good beer and talk about life, the beautiful sun of Bogota covered us, we could not stay long because the next day we had a very important faculty exam. We finished our beer, paid the bill and went to study at Carlos' house. His mother, a lady of about 50 years old, opened the door and invited us in, I could notice something about her and I saw on the table an envelope with some papers with the German flag, she seemed anxious to tell Carlos something. That night, during dinner, I asked Carlos' mother how she felt about the travel project, she could not avoid the lump in her throat, however she only thought about the happiness and accomplishment of her son, in her expressions I could see that there was some fear and nostalgia, during dinner she could not stop looking at him while she talked and reassured her mother, she told her that there was still a long way to go....


Although the life of a doctor in Germany is quite rewarding, you must keep in mind that you have to accomplish a lot of steps before your trip. The most important thing is to make the decision and advise you very well to minimize the risk in your process. Once you are there, you will surely continue preparing yourself and you will meet people from all over the world, since Germany is a very desirable destination for health professionals, therefore the cultural diversity is infinite.

What will that first day be like?

Do not worry, you will be welcomed as at home, when you enter a hospital on your first day of work you will meet an internal doctor, he will show you how to work, what to do, what forms to follow, where you will find all the medical equipment and which will be your work team, you can also ask him if you have questions about transportation or daily activities (where to buy your groceries, collection schedules, where to pay your obligations, visits to the bank). He will be the person who will guide you through the whole process of welcoming you to this new experience. Welcome to your initial stage of this dream, welcome to Germany!

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